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RENOLIT: The power of flow, presents the current trend service.
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05 June 2015

RENOLIT: The power of flow, presents the current trend service.

"Colours of Motion" is the title of the Renolit Colour Road 2015/2016.
Do certain movements go hand in hand with certain colours? The impetus for this initially bold-seeming notion of unity was provided by a light installation by the Japanese artist Nao Tamura. The installation is called "flow(t)", and captivates observers with its interpretation of the ambience and special light conditions found in Venice: one is drawn into the moment of observation, forgets the pressures of everyday life and contemplates one's own existence.
The title is no coincidence, either. It draws on the psychology of "flow", as made apparent by the academic Mihály Csikszentmihályi: people are in the flow when their emotions, will and thoughts are in full accord with one another. The expenditure of time and effort no longer matter; people act effortlessly because their bodies exude the 'happiness' hormone dopamine. This is why the more than 40-kilometre length of a marathon may require effort from a long-distance athlete, but represents no super-human feat of power.
The Renolit Colour Road team has symbolised flow using various
formations which fascinate the observer and allow him or her to give themselves over to this moment. Behind these symbolic images lie three different colour worlds. Monika Fecht, Head of Corporate Design Management at the Renolit Group, explains the strength of the Colour Road trend consultation service: "In this way, the trend service is helping its customers and any interested parties to quickly identify the current vogues amidst the wealth of trends, and thereby position new products into the market in a targeted fashion."

Flowing Formations: journey to the centre of the earth.
A glowing-red stream of lava is as bizarre as it is futuristic: a slow yet constant flow which at some point solidifies and takes on unusual forms. Red turns to black, with both colours complementing each other with strong contrasts. The coarseness of this solidified mixture of ash and ore, of iron and other materials is matched by that of the materials in fashion and interior design which this world gives rise to. Fur and polyester, woven fabrics and ornaments appear together. With their irregular surfaces they stand for primeval qualities, and yet exude warmth. Traditional manufacturing processes, forms and materials such as ceramics and basket-weaving become the focus here, as time-honoured craftsmanship techniques and handicrafts speak of authenticity and underscore the yearning for traditional values. The trend colours are dominated by orange, red and black, which present themselves in various shades and gradations. The characteristic highlight colour here is the powerful red HG Peperoncino Rosso. Used sparingly, it can be effectively combined with shades of grey and black. Another intense yet slightly more muted colour is the orange Rose Hip, a tone reminiscent of copper surfaces. The additional trend colours in Flowing Formations – the deep, mysterious black HG Orchidea Nera and the subdued, elegant red tone HG Bordeaux – are elegant representatives and are both presented with a high gloss surface.

For more information contact Mrs Verena Becker, Corporate Design Management:

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