3 Machines Quickwood PRO + 1400 QRC at Mobilclan, for excellent finish of ashlar.
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07 May 2015

3 Machines Quickwood PRO + 1400 QRC at Mobilclan, for excellent finish of ashlar.

Mobilclan Industries is a Group of companies which offer a global service to manufacturers of kitchen, living-room, bathroom and bedroom furniture. They can supply furniture components in either solid wood or veneered (doors and relevant accessories) and with structural panels or carcasses in kits. Production capacity per year are: 4.000.000 frontal parts; 100.000 accessories produced . 600 employees; 48 years experience, only one partner for research, design and production; 95% export quota all over the world.
Mobilclan was founded by Walter Bosa and Mario Pujatti in 1967 to produce timber doors and components for the furniture industry.
In 1970 a new plant was built in Gaiarine/Treviso/Italy, the present location of the company. In 1975 Mobilclan began to export to Northern Europe and in order to satisfy a constantly increasing demand, Friulpannelli joined the group in 1985 and Euroservice in 1990. In 2002 a new plant for machining was opened in Gaiarine and now the total covered area of the Group is 90,000 sqm.
In 2006 the subsidiary company Dalian Mato Ltd. (China) started its production of solid timber doors.

We made a photo report on the three machine Quickwood installed at Mobilclan industry and we describe the most important technical characteristics.
The machines are installed in the automatic lines in the company Mobilclan that ensures a finishing on both raw and painted parts thanks to the combined action of two types of brushes QN + QD for depth and Quick Flex for smoothing on two different types of rotating systems PRO and QRC .
Machine suitable to remove wood fibers, the smoothing of the rough and the sanding of the lacquer by means of a rotating carousel, whose revolution speed and pressure are variable. It leads 8 parallel rotating brushes, running alternately left-right and composed each one of an appropriate number of abrasive discs with a selected grit.
The automatic non-stop feeding is variable and made in the vacuum system, through a vacuum chamber connected to a suitable vacuum pump. Noise level is kept low while the pump is set in the base machine, where a perforated belt is running and giving to work pieces transmission of the vacuum.
The system is optionally assisted by two adjustable lateral guides to prevent small or deformed parts be moved from the brushes.
The machine is placed within the range of high technology machines as with electronic speed variation work’s system and corresponding special digital indicators provided.
An optimization system of the sending’s degree of ashlar parts by means of a rotating and swiveling group brushing bucket completes the machine.
The cups are conducted through a toothed belt from the motor and the speed control happens through electronic inverter.”
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