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LINAK brings movement to the kitchen in collaboration with HTH.
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24 April 2015

LINAK brings movement to the kitchen in collaboration with HTH.

With a shared ambition of bringing movement and ergonomics to the kitchen, Linak and HTH have joined forces in order to create an innovative and original kitchen, which will be presented at the Salone del Mobile fair in Milan from April 14 – 19, 2015. The kitchen uses LINAK actuators to optimise the use of storage space with an automated pull down wall cabinet and raises the ergonomic standard and comfort level by adding height adjustability to the kitchen island.
A recent survey completed by the Danish market research agency, Voxmeter, concludes that 64% of the Danish consumers consider the practical lay-out and built-in functionalities the most important aspects of the kitchen.
To Linak, it is important that functionality and design come together and that the components we deliver enable the manufacturer to create kitchens that offer ergonomic comfort and valuable functionality without limiting the creative freedom and aesthetic ambitions of the manufacturer and designer.

An innovative and original kitchen
Together with HTH, Linak has created a solution that raises the comfort level and ergonomic standard. With LINAK’s Baselift™ system discretely mounted in the base, height adjustability is added to the kitchen island. The system provides an adjustability range of 10 centimetres, which covers 20 centimetres of difference in personal height. This enables all adult users to adjust the kitchen according to their ideal working height. Since the system is mounted in the base of the kitchen, it is also kept of out plain sight and does not affect either storage or working space of the kitchen island. In addition, LINAK has provided a customised DB5 actuator to facilitate the automated pull down wall cabinet, which adds more storage space to the kitchen that can also be hidden when it is not being used.

Showing the world the value of innovative partnerships
The Salone del Mobile fair in Milan annually attracts around 300,000 visitors. Out these, approximately 200,000 travel to Milan from abroad to experience the latest within trends and innovation in furniture design. This year, Linak will be present at the fair together with HTH to present the kitchen at the Danish LIVING Room stand, which is a common stand for Danish exhibitors facilitated by the Danish Trade Council. HTH experiences a rising interest and demand for new functions in the kitchen. As a subsupplier and partner, LINAK is proud to deliver the components that make it possible for HTH to accommodate these demands. Anne Willemoes, Marketing Manager at Linak Danmark A/S, elaborates:
“It is exciting to team up and work together across different industries and to us it is always interesting to engage in new partnerships where we can work together with manufacturers in order to add new functions that meet the demands of the market”.
Partnership is a key word to Linak, who has had great experiences with collaborating with manufacturers and displaying the project outcomes at international trade fairs. Therefore, LINAK is also looking forward to the upcoming fair in Milan:
“Being present at the fair gives us an opportunity to show the world how electric linear movement can bring both ergonomics and new functionalities to the kitchen without compromising the design. It also enables us to show how innovation is brought to life when we join forces and team up with a well-established manufacturer such as HTH. We therefore look forward to present the outcome of our collaboration in Milan”, Anne Willemoes concludes.
For more information contact Mr Claus Kold Soerensen:

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