YILDIZ ENTEGRE continues to expand business.
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06 May 2015

YILDIZ ENTEGRE continues to expand business.

Yildiz Entegre, having their origins in 1890s is merely an old plane tree, has been active in the forestry products sector from that date up to date. The Company, governed and managed by the fourth generation today, is the largest MDF and Particle board manufacturer with its capacity of 8,500m3/day, total 7 factories in 4 different locations, achieved by the investments made win the past 15 years.
On the way taken, we manufacture our raw materials at our chipping mill acquired and located in the port of Wilmington, North Carolina, US; transport these raw materials manufactured at source by our vessels owned by our group; and carry the same to our seaport owned again by our group and then to our factories by means of our logistic network.
We produce glue, another raw material for our production, at glue and formaldehyde facilities we established in the regions where our factories are located, and we entirely satisfy our internal needs accordingly.
Thanks to the ambition to work and team success put forth by our personnel over 2500, we felt right proud of becoming the largest 43th corporation, with the turnover of EUR 785 million among the largest 500 industrial corporations, determined, listed and published by Istanbul Chamber of Industry last year. Within the last 10 years, we always search and will continue to search the ways of productivity, efficiency, quality, teamwork, diversification, deviationism, creativity and pioneering.
All of our achieved investments are planned not despite the environment and human but in association with the environment and human as per our corporate culture and we assess our environmental policies and social responsibility projects particularly the labor health and security as the part of the same picture as required by the sustainable development.
As a part of sustainable forestry, all the production facilities of Yildiz Entegre have FSC certificates. Additionally, another important certificate we hold is the CARB certificate based on which we import our products to the countries of Northern America
We let the past experience guide our future and we base on the slogan “let our today one jump ahead of our yesterday.” We, as Yildiz Entegre, take firm steps forward with all of our sharers with our mission of satisfying expectations of our customers, reason or our existence, in a fast, flexible and economic manner, doubtlessly keeping the quality to achieve the targets determined for our sector according to the Turkey’s Vision 2023.
With this belief and excitement, resolutions were passed by our Board of Directors to invest in the Balkans and Russia in 2015 and the necessary background work was started. With total investment target of EUR 600 million in 4 countries, we - as Yildiz Family – strongly proceed to our objective to become one of the 5 largest manufacturers in 2020.
For more information contact Mrs Aybike Sen Kus, Corporate Communication Manager Assistant:

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