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WEEKE-HOMAG, Competence at all CNC levels.
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26 May 2015

WEEKE-HOMAG, Competence at all CNC levels.

CNC processing centers are no longer "only" machines, they are now top of the range when it comes to providing a solution for individual production tasks. Productive, flexible and a high level of availability — these are just a few of the customer requirements that ensure optimum results and cost-effective operation in the long term. Part five of the "HOMAG Spotlight" series describes how the HOMAG Group processing centers use intelligent technology to attain this level of performance and what can be achieved with the countless available equipment options.
The HOMAG Group offers a comprehensive range in the CNC sector — from entry-level machines to drilling and trimming, right through to nesting processing and fully integrated, automated processing cells and large-format processing centers for glue-laminated beams. Or, put differently: The range spans the "BHX 055" by WEEKE, which works with an installation area of less than 5 m˛, right through to the "WMP" solid wood portal from WEINMANN, which processes panels measuring up to 350 mm high, 5.6 m wide and 50 m long fully automatically. The wide range of products available applies not only to the machines, but also to the units and tools used.
The tools used on HOMAG Group processing centers range from the smallest of engraving cutters for producing ornaments through to saw blades with a diameter of 920 mm for solid wood elements. The typical areas of application have now extended beyond the production of furniture and construction elements. Today, CNC processing centers can be used for anything that can be processed either dry or with minimal lubrication. In addition to wood, this also includes plastics, aluminum, composite materials, and sound-proofing and insulating materials. HOMAG Group CNC processing centers can offer more than just trimming, sawing and drilling — features such as edge banding, cutting, sanding and attaching fixtures all enable comprehensive processing of work-pieces in just a single step.
In 2004, the HOMAG Group launched the "Venture" series, featuring fixed-configuration, high-performance CNC technology that corresponds to global demand. The machines range from entry-level machines to high-tech solutions. With 5-axis and edge banding technology, HOMAG provides for the high end of the CNC technology sector, successfully installing around 4000 "Venture" machines by August 2014. But what are the specific factors that guarantee the success of the processing centers? The answer: quality and resources. By standardizing components, the "Venture" range offers outstanding quality as standard. The "Venture" series offers an optimum balance of standardization and customization. This can be seen, for example, in the variety of different tables and lengths available as well as in the high-end solutions with edge banding units and a fifth axis. In this instance,
Decades of experience in mechanical engineering comes together in the WEEKE, HOMAG and WEINMANN processing centers; this is also reflected in the processing units and machine control units. The "Drive5C+" 5-axis processing head is a perfect example of high-tech trimming. The head is equipped with tensioned crossed roller bearings that are free of play; these ensure a high level of rigidity even under heavy loads. The spindle has a threefold pneumatic interface, which also enables the use of controlled units. The spindle is controlled by returning the actual value via an encoder.
With more than 40,000 individually available drill spindles per year, the drilling heads of group members WEEKE and HOMAG have set the bar very high when it comes to drilling technology. As a drilling specialist with the HOMAG Group, WEEKE alone supplies around 34,000 of these spindles per year. As this core competency is incorporated into all WEEKE machines, this continuous experience is taking effect and is particularly visible in the lasting quality of all drilling gears. The company prides itself on this level of expertise, which is why you will find configurations with up to 90 individually available drilling spindles in WEEKE's stationary "BHX" series.
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