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HOMAG/ BARGSTEDT-LIGMATECH line: Flexible, fast and safe in process.
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27 March 2015

HOMAG/ BARGSTEDT-LIGMATECH line: Flexible, fast and safe in process.

High flexibility on simultaneously low production costs plays a decisive role in the furniture industry. Many suppliers are increasingly focusing in intelligent production of high tech batch size one lines, combined with appropriate transports and storage systems, an optimal material flow and automatic panel handling instead of simple mass production. In the third part of the series „HOMAG Spotlight" logistics, storage, automation and robot solutions at furniture manufacturers are in the center of attention.
Where in the past quality costs were high due to material damaged in production, and process flows were often disturbed, when manufacturing was controlled by minimum stock levels and large storage systems generated high costs, financial controllers and production specialists stepped in. With the attempt to optimize the inventory-to-sales ratio, in order to lower the costs and, at the same time, reduce throughput times.
At first, this attempt seemed far from reality. However, with the right know how and skilled experts things will become realistic. Such skilled experts can be found in the HOMAG Group Engineering. The magic word is "production per commission". Decisive are understanding for logistics and automation, an optimal sorting during production processes, a suitable production management system and the material flow control. In this field, HOMAG Group has the necessary premises for linking individual machines and production cells to intelligent plants. Productivity and efficiency in the company can significantly be increased.
Who wants to be continuously successful needs a batch size one production, which convinces through adequate logistics. Seen on their own, operating machines are efficient value creators. Whether it's about saws, edge banding lines or CNC-processing centers of the HOMAG Group — they all score with precision and homogeneity in material processing. Therefore, it is a challenge for many companies to link their machines efficiently in a logistical master plan to produce flexible, fast and reliable on a high quality. Whether a small carpentry or a big kitchen manufacturer, all apply to the same principle: "Factor time" x "factor quantity" x "factor quality" = "effectiveness of the complete line".
At this point the experts for automation and logistics of the HOMAG Group, BARGSTEDT and LIGMATECH, step in. BARGSTEDT offers logistical solutions especially for the individualization trend in the furniture production , which decisively optimize flexibility and utilization ratio of a production process. Starting point: The material flow depends on the speed of the operating machine, instead of the operating machine being dependent on the material flow. Only an optimally controlled material flow ensures high productivity. In this add also LIGMATECH flexible robot solutions. They offer innovative feeding and de-stacking systems or pick & place-applications, to achieve high performance on maximal repeat accuracy and precision. These robots are easy to operate, because they are integrated to the line control and score with high availability and operational reliability. More than 200 realized applications speak for themselves.
For more information contact Mr Alexander Prokisch, marketing’s director:

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