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The Furniture Industry in Treviso Province/ Italy.
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27 October 2017

The Furniture Industry in Treviso Province/ Italy.

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Craft businesses operating throughout Italy began to adopt an industrial dimension and structure with the economic boom of the 1950s and the period that followed. This dynamic did not develop equally in Italy as a whole, but only in certain provinces.

At that time the famous and much sought-after “Brianza furniture” was produced in the area north of Milan, and on the southern border of the Province of Como, while industrial areas also developed in other locations. For period furniture the Province of Verona became the national benchmark. ‘Marchigiano’ furniture from the Province of Pesaro in the Marche region stood out for its fine quality in the medium-low price range. Furniture industries developed in the regions of Veneto and Friuli, and the phenomenon of the “subcontractor supplier” of semi-finished products and components was also established. With the entrepreneurial skills of local manufacturers, evolution, the expansion of both domestic and international markets, and technological development, North-East Italy is now the main manufacturing area for the national furniture industry. One particular virtue of the producers in the area has been, and still is, their willingness and open-mindedness towards proposed technical innovations, experimentation and finished materials, without reservation or preclusion.
Manufacturers Doimo, Corazzin, Jesse and Sma were founded here, where they have been operating successfully since the 1950s. Brianza furniture no longer exists and few of the historic, prestigious names in production remain in the Lombardy area. Most of the factories have closed or have been converted into retail furniture businesses. Market dynamics continue to materialize in all places including Treviso where, in the 1970s there were cases in of bankruptcies of companies such as Piovesan that produced kitchens, as well as the closure of Omfa and Zeta Cucine of Egidio Zorzi, to name but a few.
A short history of the sector describes how at the end of the 1960s two brothers called Lorenzo and Gregorio Giomo built several furniture-producing plants in the Province of Treviso. However, having ‘bitten off more than they could chew’ as it were, they encountered serious problems and were forced to cease all activities. An associate of Lorenzo Giomo called Giuseppe Dolfo with whom he had established G & D of Biancade, was a supermarket owner and expert entrepreneur in large-scale retail trade. Dolfo eventually had to buy Lorenzo Giomo’s share, becoming the outright owner of G & D, which he manages together with his son. G & D is still in business producing kitchen furniture of high-level quality and design. This is the update of the report that was previously published on Datalignum, no. 245 May/August 2011. If you would like to compare the original version with this updated version written today, please go to, click on OK (Privacy & Cookie Policy), go to SERVICES and then to Datalignum ONLINE. You will find all the magazines published from 2012 until the present day by opening the PDFs. Number 245 is, as stated above, the report on Treviso. Turning to the present day (October 2017), there are 11 product types for furniture highlighted by the search engine, the results of which are displayed in the table illustrated below. Today there are 146 furniture factories in the Province of Treviso producing 11 types of furniture: kitchens (A), living rooms/kitchen-diners (B), bedrooms/wardrobes (C), bathrooms (D), offices (E), lounges/lounge suites (F), tables/chairs (G), entrance halls/other furniture (H), garden (I), period furniture (L) and contract (M). It is worth noting that many factories produce different types of furniture, for example kitchens and bathrooms, kitchen-diners and bedrooms and lounges and chairs, etc. All the factories combined produce a total of 285 types of different furniture.
For to have the names of the 146 industries, enter in and in home page there is the cover of the N° 264: click inside and you can print your-serf the printout with the 146 industries in Treviso with the name, addresses, phone numbers, fax, e-mail & web, of producers.
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