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Modular multilayer flooring made by Lico.
Modular multilayer flooring made by Lico.
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24 January 2017

MMFA: Growing markets for modular multilayer flooring

Product dynamics require ne standards The market success of modular multilayer flooring has resulted in an increase in membership for the MMFA, the Multilayer Modular Flooring Association, Bielefeld. As of 1 January 2017, it has a total of 40 European producers, suppliers and institutes working together towards the worldwide implementation of high quality standards for these innovative products. The MMFA anticipates that the recently-formed North American MFA Association will provide positive impetus for the interests of the industry.

As a European industry network, the MMFA wants to define a strategic path for the future success of the modular multilayer market – and the fact that the major market players in the USA have recently joined forces to form their own MFA Multilayer Flooring Association is unanimously welcomed on this side of the Atlantic. MMFA Executive Chairman Matthias Windmöller looks forward to a good relationship with the North Americans: “The founding of the MFA was an essential and decisive step for the industry in the USA. Naturally, we maintain direct contact with our colleagues there and have passed on our congratulations. There is already an overlap of interests among member companies, and we know some of the MFA executive committee members personally. We look forward to a positive partnership between our two industry associations that is based on cooperation and mutual trust.

Together we can make a bigger difference for MMF flooring worldwide.” In 2016, the MMFA once again broadened its professional spectrum after welcoming newcomers Aspecta, Novalis, Designflooring, James Halstead and ter Hürne as ordinary members, and supplier companies Renolit and Toppan as extraordinary members. The reports from the five new producers in addition to the MMFA statistics has made it possible to document more comprehensive sales figures for modular multilayer flooring, thus allowing the Association to compile a more accurate analysis of the market situation and global trends. Double-digit rise in HDF based products For some considerable time, all sales curves for MMF flooring have shown a visible upward trend, which is clearly reflected in MMFA statistics. The reported figures document the MMFA ordinary members’ sales in all regional markets on the basis of their own worldwide production. Sebastian Wendel, Chairman of the MMFA Market Development Working Group, elaborates: “Over the past three years, a 20% annual increase has been recorded for MMFA Class 1 (substrate based on HDF with polymer layer). We estimate that our members achieve 90% market coverage in this category. In addition, Germany, Austria and Switzerland account for as much as 80% of international sales volumes for this product group. However, it is predicted that this high concentration will lessen because Class 1 floors are now increasingly finding favour in the rest of Europe.” The MMFA has also registered annual increases in sales for Class 2 (substrate based on polymer or polymer composite with polymer layer and/or polymer lacquer system). Having said that, there are now more producers reporting their volumes in Class 2 due to the increase in membership, so it is not really possible to draw a comparison with the figures for the previous year. Data for MMFA Class 3 (all other flooring structures which are not covered by Classes 1 or 2 or by external standards, e.g. organic wear layers or mineral core material) cannot be published yet due to antitrust regulations which stipulate a minimum of five reporting companies. In the medium term, Mr Wendel anticipates good growth rates for the modular multilayer flooring market as a whole.
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