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From Left: James Mason, Harry Studholme, William Theed, Adrian Theed, Graeme McVittie, Richard Milton and Andrew Harvey.
From Left: James Mason, Harry Studholme, William Theed, Adrian Theed, Graeme McVittie, Richard Milton and Andrew Harvey.
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23 July 2016


Woodlands, businesses and people benefit as Exmoor National Park secures the first Grown in Britain Group licence scheme in the UK.

‘Grown in Britain on Exmoor’ is the first group licence scheme in the UK and was recently awarded to Exmoor National Park Authority.
The certification mark has been granted after a rigorous audit assessment, which recognised the Authority’s own management system to administer a group licence for woodland owners and timber processors joining the scheme from the local area. Graeme McVittie of Exmoor National Park Authority said:We’re very proud that ours is the first Group licence to have passed the Grown in Britain audit assessment. The Grown in Britain badge is an important symbol, which enables businesses and the public to easily identify timber, fuel and other forest products from woodlands that have been well managed. This is critical in supporting the local economy, tackling climate change and enhancing landscape and biodiversity. “Grown in Britain seems to have had immediate resonance with woodland owners, processors and suppliers on Exmoor since it was launched. Our development of a local scheme to reinforce the benefits of a stronger woodland enterprise culture was a natural progression and we are delighted with the support we have received since floating the idea of Grown in Britain on Exmoor.” William Theed, Owner of the Theed Forestry Estate based at Combe Sydenham and winner of Royal Forestry Society (RFS) Duke of Cornwall Multipurpose Woodlands Award in 2012 added: “I am very pleased to become the first Member of the first Grown in Britain Group scheme in the country. Grown in Britain on Exmoor reflects our long term commitment to the production of high quality, home grown timber.” The scheme is administered through the Exmoor WoodLinks Initiative based at Exmoor National Park Authority - James Mason development officer said: “Being in a group scheme reduces auditing costs as the auditors fees are shared between those in the group. We are in the process of signing up new members and would welcome more. If you are interested in discovering more about the scheme and its benefits to you, your woodland or business please do get in touch.” Grown in Britain is a national campaign to increase demand for responsibly managed British wood in order to improve the quality and extent of our woodland in the UK.
Andrew Harvey Board member Grown in Britain added: “The licence is a vital part of feeding the new demand we have created – consumers want to know where their products are coming from and many want to buy local and now they can look for the Grown in Britain assurance marking on timber and wood products from their country and even their local area such as Exmoor. “By choosing Grown in Britain products, either as a business or as a member of the general public; your choice will have a direct impact on the creation, management and protection of woodland, which is great for people, wildlife and local jobs. For more information contact Mrs Clare O-Connor or Mrs Laura Sceal:

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