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From Left to right: Warren Gibbs, Luca Marnicco, Katerina Seiler, Francesco Cepile, Boris Daribim and Carsten Behr. Photo Datalignum at Xylexpo 2016.
From Left to right: Warren Gibbs, Luca Marnicco, Katerina Seiler, Francesco Cepile, Boris Daribim and Carsten Behr. Photo Datalignum at Xylexpo 2016.
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25 July 2016


This could be the title of a film now showing at LEVIGATURA SAN MARCO Snc, following the installation of the latest Quickwood automatic machining centre for sanding MDF kitchen unit doors with plain central panel. LEVIGATURA SAN MARCO , a long-established company with a successful track record of 30 years, specialises in sanding wood for the production of cupboard doors, polyester coated MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) panels, and uses specific machines depending on the type of wood being processed, as well as some of the most advanced accessory equipment on the market.

This allows the company to create a high quality product in terms of appearance and function, able to fully meet customers’ needs. Thanks to the confidence placed by Mr. Del Col - owner of the Friulver company and Levigatura S. Marco of Pramaggiore (Venice) - in the know-how acquired by QUICKWOOD in thirty years in the field of sanding and brushing, a technological marvel has been created able to “combine” the sanding action of several different abrasive systems. The long-established technical office of Quickwood has thus produced the CNSV2/L1300 automatic control machine, complete with:
• Bench for preparing, introduction and feeding of doors capable of dealing with loading parts on two rows next to each other.
• Scanning bar to automatically measure doors, including the width, length and height of the inner frame. Here an algorithm is used to compute the numeric control which, for each door, is capable of obtaining the dimensions of the inner raised panel with decimal point accuracy. Sanding unit comprising:
• Dual management and control bar for the pneumatic vibrating devices (for a total of 8 vibrating devices) which thanks to the instructions provided by the numerical control interpret the scanning data to work in the recess of the cabinet door with a vibrating motion traverse to the feed direction and with the precision required to cover almost 99% of the recessed rectangular surface.
• QRC cup brush sander with 9 cup brushes measuring 250 mm in diameter arranged on 2 rows, rotating with variable speed (from 200 to 900 rpm) via an inverter, transversely oscillating at a variable speed (from 20 to 60 opm) via an inverter removable and foldable to make brush maintenance easier.
• CD2 type sander with two counter-rotating brushes; directly coupled inverter-controlled motors for a speed ranging between 200 and 1200 rpm. Electric height adjustment of the 2 brush units controlled by PLC. In addition to the above, this product includes standard features for Quickwood machinery, such as:
• Vacuum feed belt powered by an 11 kW pump for holding the parts in place during processing and concentrates the vacuum in the work areas.
The adjustable feed speed ranges between 2 and 12 m/min via an inverter.
• Air blower bar for removing dust from the surfaces of the part.
A new “era” has begun, drop in and visit us! Let us help you design your future!

For more information contact Mr. Paolo Cardillo:
Via della Tecnologia 6 / 33050 PAVIA di UDINE / Italy
Tel +39 0432 655285 / Fax +39 0432 655284 / E-mail: