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Production of the furniture industry Sandvik in Sykkylven.
Production of the furniture industry Sandvik in Sykkylven.
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14 March 2017

The furniture industry in Norway.

Norwegian furniture is based on the best of Scandinavian Design traditions, and is particularly known for its innovative and ergonomical solutions.

Norwegian Furniture Design is based upon the best of Skandinavian traditions, with focus on purity, functionality and ergonomy. At the same time the designers and manufacturers pay a great attention to innovation and design. The Norwegian furniture industry was established far away from the supply of raw materials and the market. In the 1930’s the industry started to work along with professional designers.
Norwegian designer furniture is being produced in the beautiful nature, between mountains and fjords.Ø High salaries and a difficult infrastructure make it hard to sustain as a furniture manufacturer i Norway. Despite this, the industry has been able to differentiate and offer unique products to the customers. This is an increasing phenomenon. 50 % of the furniture sold in Norway are made in Norway, which put pressure on the manufacturers to focus upon new markets. Design and export will be increasingly important for the industry. The industry itself has taken this initiative – called Innovation Furniture Innovasjon Møbel (IM)) to increase the competitive strenghts of individual manufacturers and the industry as a whole.
The exhibition project is an important part of IM which are heavily supported by Innovation Norway and owned and run by The Association of Norwegian Furniture Manufacturers (Møebelfakta). Møbelfakta was established as a union in 1968 and had the larger and leading Norwegian furniture manufacturers as members. The Association's purpose was to promote the production of quality furniture in Norway, and that consumers should be assured a guaranteed and documented quality. This objective was secured through a set of quality requirements defined in Møbelfakta and tested according to international and national standards. The furniture was tested for strength and durability, stability and security, quality of materials and coatings, and fire resistance. Tested and approved furniture has until 2010 been given product and collection certificate from Møbelfakta and access to label furniture with the brand name/logo Møbelfakta. presents a selection of the best Norwegian designs.
At least this is the opinion of the panel of designers, scholars and the industry itself. This broad panel has so far selected 62 different models for a pool – the exhibition is a selection of models from this pool.
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For more information contact Mrs Gunn Kristin Mebust or Mr Knut Skoe:

MØBELFAKTA Association
Næringslivets Hus, Middelthuns Gate 27
N-0306 Oslo / Norway
Mrs Gunn Mebust, tel. +47 930 27650 / E-mail:
Mr Skoe, tel. +47 22 590000 / E-mail: