Bernhard Lysser, winner of the 2013 FEP Award.

09 July 2013

Bernhard Lysser, winner of the 2013 FEP Award.

As you all know the FEPís goal is the advancement of the European Parquet industry, protecting its interests and reinforcing the industryís image. This would not be possible without the tireless dedication of various individuals and organisations in countries all over Europe, whose efforts help improve our products and Bernhard Lysser is one of them.
Most of you are probably familiar with Bernhardís work, but for those who are not, let me briefly tell you more about him. After secondary school Bernhard apprenticed three years as a carpenter, followed by an interruption for his military service. Upon his return he pursued his training as a carpenter. He subsequently went on to found his own parquet installing business, starting out with eight installers but evolving to a workforce of 18 parquet installers over a nine-year period. He then joined Bauwerk Parkett AG, where he worked as for nine years, acquiring significant experience in technical management.
In 1990, while working at Bauwerk Parkett AG, he was appointed Managing Director of the ISP, the Swiss national parquet federation.
In 2000 the foundation finally was able to establish its own offices as well as a small lab in Heimberg, allowing Bernhard to contribute to developing ISPís technical expertise, which is founded on its outstanding know-how, as well as its professional training and education programs.
Since 1990 the ISPís membership has grown from 86 to 210 to date (including 21 guest members).
This is largely Bernhardís merit as he helped raise the ISPís profile considerably, among others with a striking advertising campaign, using Smart cars which are leased to ISP members for one year. There are currently 15 to 20 Smart cars still driving around on Swiss roads, with advertising for parquet and the ISP logo.
Bernhard has served as a court-appointed expert for parquet as well as all other types of substructures for over 20 years throughout Europe. Since 2005 he is also an expert for wood and WPC terraces, including substructures. His expertise as a parquet consultant and trainer is widely recognised far beyond Switzerland. The fact that he speaks fluent German, French and Italian means he is frequently asked to give presentations at trade shows, expert conferences and at company academies, making him a most valuable colleague. Since 1986 Bernhard has carried out over 2,000 expertises sharpening his understanding of flooring options and allowing him to create the Swiss benchmarking expert files for installers and the industry.
He is a remarkable specialist and a highly appreciated colleague as well as a member of various technical committees and organisations in the parquet sector.
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