Smith of Jonathan Olivares won the XXII edition of Compasso d'Oro

15 July 2011

Smith of Jonathan Olivares won the XXII edition of Compasso d'Oro

This multifunctional storage piece of furniture differs completely from any other classical type of furniture and stems from contemporary needs of living in both work and home environments.
It belongs to the new generation of hybrid and versatile objects developed by Danese, in which the user changes his/her perception of the object. It is storage, a bookcase, a worktop and seat at the same time. It is transportable thanks to its wheels. You can use it alone, on the floor, hanging over a table, or combining more elements together by stacking them.
The simplicity of its shape reveals all its potential making it highly personal and versatile.
It represents the mobile extension of our territories and can store anything (from books to computers, from food to personal objects). It is a private space in which you can arrange your own world of objects and with which you can live your daily life.
Opposite to its rich performance, is its simple and elementary structure. It is a product that is absolutely basic but smartly designed, made of a sheet that is cut and folded. It is eco-sustainable, made of one material only, indestructible and usable in infinite ways and spaces.