Scm new Headquarter in Rimini / Italy
Scm new Headquarter in Rimini / Italy

22 July 2022


Scm's first woodworking machine dates back to 1952.
From that point onwards, a long history of global successes and acquisitions, first in wood-working and then in other materials.
The Group has been led from the outset by the Aureli and Gemmani families. The 70th anniversary of the Scm Group, global leader in machining technologies for an extensive range of materials and industrial components. The Group stems from Scm's strategic vision that in 1952, saw the first woodworking machine produced in Rimini, establishing from that moment onwards, a precise mission: to offer the widest range of woodworking solutions at international level.
Over time, the Group has developed technologies and taken over leading brands not only to complete all the processes involved in secondary woodworking but also in advanced materials, plastic, glass, metal and marble. A long success story that has resulted in today's figures: € 750 M turnover in 2021 (90% exported abroad), over 4,000 employees and a direct and capillary presence around the globe. It has been led from the outset by the Aureli and Gemmani families.

SCM's ORIGINS The Group's history dates back to 1935, when Nicola Gemmani and Lanfranco Aureli, experts in mechanics and foundry work, started working together. In 1952, the first woodworking machine was created, L'Invincibile, designed by the engineer, Giuseppe Gemmani, Nicola's son.
This machine, which in the eyes of the founders had to be special, much simpler and more practical than those already on the market, managed to meet the needs of a market in the throes of a building boom and capable of every kind of furniture. Scm quickly created a complete range of woodworking machines that paved the way to conquering all the global markets. In the 1960s, Adriano and Alfredo Aureli, Lanfranco's children, joined the founders. Together with Giuseppe Gemmani they led and expanded the company even further with the opening of directly controlled branches across the globe.
In 1976, Scm developed the first machining centres and systems for solid wood windows and doors. In the mid-80s, they started acquiring well-known brands in different wood-working environments, that would consolidate the company's global leadership: Mahros for automation systems (1984), Minimax for woodworking (1985) and at the end of the '80s, Gabbiani, Dmc and Morbidelli, leaders respectively in sizing, sanding and cnc panel machining centres.
In 1992, the Routech brand, that marked the entry of Scm into the timber construction industry, and Stefani, an international pillar in edgebanding, were absorbed into the Group.
In the years that followed, thanks to the development of other leading technologies and other acquisitions (Superfici in 2004, CPC and Sergiani in 2006, Celaschi in 2007), the Group further expanded its range to cover all the production requirements in the industry. SCM'S STRATEGIES: CUSTOMER ORIENTED SCM proudly celebrates this prestigious 70-year goal of accompanying the customer through each of the processes linked to the world of panels, solid wood, timber construction and woodworking.

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