Marco Santori and his sons, Luca and Carlo (right). On the wall, the picture of the late Antonio Santori, founder of Sesa in 1950.
Marco Santori and his sons, Luca and Carlo (right). On the wall, the picture of the late Antonio Santori, founder of Sesa in 1950.

07 March 2020


2020 is a year of great celebrations for SESA, as on 18th March it will be exactly 70 years since, thanks to the creativity and enterprise of two young men, Antonio Santori and his partner Mr. Ezio Spagnuolo, Sesa began to produce steel press-moulds. After a while, the management passes in full in the hands of Antonio Santori, who continues the activity successfully before passing the torch to his son Marco Santori, who was already part of the team. Sesa owes him the modern approach and the introduction of important technological innovations like the chroming bath and the engraving department.
Today, the company is still run by the Santori’s family with the third generation guided by the same enthusiasm that distinguished the founder.

Over the last 70 years, the company gained a prominent position on the international markets, becoming the leader in the manufacturing of press moulds for HPL and LPL application, including a wide range of products: classic finishes, E.i.R. Embossed In register finishes presenting a precise match between printed decorative paper and plate structure, the innovative ONE and the most recent INFINITE structures, awarded during last Interzum edition with the Interzum High Quality Product prize. The ONE technology, gathering a full collection of finishes suitable for any application, gave SESA the possibility to answer to customer’s request for renovation of classic finishes, for natural low matt structures and for allover finishes with an accent of modernity.
The collection named ONE is easily recognizable by its peculiar dark-black gloss providing a 3D effect, enhancing the visibility of shallower pores and the natural look. More than 500 low-pressure moulds with finishes  ONE were sold over the last 4 years and successfully run, confirming once again the predominant position of SESA in the design of press moulds. Fashion and trends are part of our Italian DNA, this natural attitude led us to introduce in the market in 2019 new collection INFINITE.
Based on the absence of repetitions of the base module and the use of macro decors, the concept is suitable for any application and dimension, thanks to the digital printing, that allows us to develop whatever finish/décor we are required. With INFINITE Sesa is offering a 360° service, starting with the selection of the real sample, the development of digital files and ending up with all technical advises necessary to develop a customized final product.
The High Quality Product award received for the finish “Mammoth Wood”- first release of the collection INFINITE is a confirmation of the potentiality linked with such development. Our story is a story of successes and steps ahead made to satisfy our customers, that makes us proud and happy to be part of such company. For this reason, we are delighted to invite our customers to toast with us during the event THE ART OF ILLUSION, scheduled on 17th June in Milan starting from 18.30. A cheerful moment to thank our customers for the confidence reiceveid during these years, because we exist and we keep on creating new things because of the everyday cahllenge they give us.

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