Josep Colomer (center), Chairman Lamigraf and David Ibaņez. Photo Datalignum
Josep Colomer (center), Chairman Lamigraf and David Ibaņez. Photo Datalignum

25 July 2016

40th Years celebration of Lamigraf: The Human Touch!

On Wednesday 13rd April 2016 in the Mudec Museum in Milan it began the Celebration for the 40th Years of Lamigraf Industry, which was attended by guests from all over Europe.

Mr. Josep Colomer, Chairman Lamigraf, in pronouncing a welcome speech, he said: “Few of us were able to imagine in January 1976 that this journey would bring us here. With factories in several countries and clients scattered around the four corners of the world, what was once upon a time a seed filled with a dream has been watered with hard work and effort to flower into Lamigraf today. There is no question that we have had to use our winning spirit to get this far. Nature, our source of inspiration, has taught us that day to-day adversity can be overcome with patience, tenacity, dedication, and creativity. This is the spirit which achieves success. Another defining trait of our team is our involvement and commitment. This makes us responsible for achieving the objectives we set ourselves and really notice the difference in each and every one of our daily actions. But our most important value, without a shadow of a doubt, and the one which we are most proud of, is our team spirit. Working in a team is like adding the individual contributions together, multiplying them with each other, always resulting with the total is much more than the sum of its parts. When we work in a team nothing is impossible, and everything is possible. We put these values at the disposal of our clients, who continue to be our motivating force and stimulus to improve day after day.”
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