Melatone HPL, Redgate home slide.
Melatone HPL, Redgate home slide.
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10 December 2020


Melatone is your leading manufacturing company for all kinds of modern surfaces. Based in Korea since 1978, we have over 40 years of production experience, done relentless R&D work and a continually advancing technology. By today, we have made it in 6 different continents around the world, and we are continuously making our way towards you!

Every day we produce high-quality modern surfaces like High Pressure Laminates, Flooring Laminates and Compact Laminates.
We set our sights far and have already set up a sales office in Thailand since 2013 and a shiny new factory in Malaysia since 2017. Just in 2018 alone, we produced over 5 million sheets of High Pressure Laminates in Korea.
Every day we assemble about 29,000 sheets (86,000 sqm) of High Pressure Laminates solely in Korea. Over at Malaysia, we make 6,000 sheets (18,000 sqm) daily. That is about 35,000 sheets (104,000 sqm) every single day! Melatone’s endeavors to bring you the best surfacing materials does not come without results! In 2018, we made US$ 120 mil in South Korea!

For more information contact Mr. Jee-Yong Sung:
*MELATONE Ltd, Head Quarter 54 Namdong-daero 79 beon-gil KR-45800 INCHEON, South Korea / Ph. +82 32 7237712 / E-mail:

*MELATONE Co. Ltd 55/5 Moo 6, Nong Phrao TH-11150 NONTHABURI / Thailand / Ph. +66 (0)2 1171252 / E-mail:

*MELATONE Sdn Bhd 1 & 3 Jalan Cangiih 11 MY-81800 ULU TIRAM, Johor / Malaysia / Ph. +60 (0)7 8991888 / E-mail: