Leadermac Taiwan, a world-class 4-side moulder manufacturer
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07 July 2017

Leadermac Taiwan, a world-class 4-side moulder manufacturer

The company was established in 1972.
As any parent would know, moulding young minds into happy and successful adults requires constant nurturing, care and love. 30 years ago, Taiwan was like an economic child-quite poor and under-developed. Today, the country has blossomed into mighty financial strength that can stand tall and proud on the world’s stage.

Leadermac has followed the same path. Through continuous concern, the company can now also recognized as one the best company in woodworking machinery, moulding the future internationally for better lives everywhere. Thirty years ago, when Leadermac started designing and manufacturing 4-side moulders, the commitment was to offer the best possible machines to help customers stay competitive.
Through years of effort, Leadermac has grown steadily to become a world-class 4-side moulder manufacturer with machinery sold to over 60 country around the world.
For more information contact Mr M.Chang:

Leadermac Machinery Ltd
20 Lane 662, Sha-Tien Road, Dadu Distr.
TW-43244 Taichung / Taiwan
Ph. +886 4 26937599
E-mail: sales@leadermac.com