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Young-Hwan Kim, Sunchang’s Ceo
Young-Hwan Kim, Sunchang’s Ceo
Asia Observatory

06 September 2016

SUNCHANG SOUTH KOREA, creation, challenge,change and innovation.

Since the establishment of the company in 1959, Sunchang Corporation has made standards for quality and customer satisfaction of timber products recognized for its quality and techniques of timber products such as plywood, MDF, lumber, and furniture through its passion to produce the best product possible.

Sunchang Corporation today is a result of numerous challenges and innovation. The history of Sunchang Corporation has been filled with a word ‘first’ such as Korea’s first coniferous plywood development, and the first launch of Korean luxury furniture brand. The company has endured hardship and difficulties from severe change of business environment like a tree with deep roots, and has made progress from the obstacles. After 2000s, Sunchang Corporation has become eco-friendly company by focusing on development of eco-friendly products and acquiring very first FSC certification in Korean timber industry. The company actively solved environmental problems and secured stable supply of raw materials simultaneously through entering New Zealand forestry industry. On the other hand, it took over Myanmar’s plywood factory to make a stepping stone to be a global corporation. In addition, Sunchang Corporation expanded its transportation, heavy equipment rental, and maintenance business to management service and consulting business to dominate business opportunity in advance in Myanmar which has infinite growth potential.
The company is challenging new realm over timber industry by entering into new business anticipated to make consistent growth along with the growth of daily supplies and cosmetics industry such as container/packaging business mainly involved with pump and spray. Sunchang Corporation will be the best company in the scene by strengthening timber business, which is the founding of the company’s business. Based on this, the company will continually expand to new promising business that reflects mega trend to challenge new area of business, and will definitely be successful. Sunchang Corporation will make new 100 years of history ahead with a goal to be an eco-friendly global corporation based on its capability that has been piled up during its preparation for future leading the eco-friendly business for a long time.
For more information contact Mr Young-Hwan Kim, Ceo:

Sunchang Corporation
96, Wolmi-ro, Jung-gu
KR-210211 INCHEON / South Korea
Ph. 032 770 3000 Fax 032 763 3171