NEWSWAN Shanghai / China, a large range of timber, panels and building materials.
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20 January 2016

NEWSWAN Shanghai / China, a large range of timber, panels and building materials.

Founded in 1995, Newswan is a trading-manufacturing group specializing in providing a comprehensive range of high-quality Chinese-made wood products and related services, from cost-effective manufacturing solutions to nationwide shipping and international trade. Newswan has up-to-now already become a brand well-known among Chinese wood industry as well as end users, manufacturers and dealers of wood products across the globe.

With offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Linyi, and Qingdao, to date Newswan has set up a series of factories, affiliates as well as branches as follows:
Newswan Timber Products Co. Ltd, Newswan Building Materials Co. Ltd, Newswan Industry (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd, Newswan Doors (China) Co. Ltd, Newswan Decorative Materials Co. Ltd and Shanghai Newswan International Trading Co. Ltd.
Thanks to the impressive growth of the Chinese economy, Newswan has achieved a tremendous rate of growth for more than a decade and steadily branched out to become one of the industry's strongest and most diversified suppliers of quality timber products from China.
Being well-known and respected among the whole forestry & wood industry in China, Newswan, over years, has also entered into long-established and strategic representative relationships with around 20 wood product manufacturers across China and has been able to keeping ourselves updated of the latest prices and trends in the forest and wood products markets, even on a daily basis.
For more information contact Mrs Lilly Wong, Senior Sales: 

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