Haluk Yildiz/General Manager  (right) and  Naci Ferhat Gungor/Marketing Manager. Photo Datalignum
Haluk Yildiz/General Manager (right) and Naci Ferhat Gungor/Marketing Manager. Photo Datalignum
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07 January 2016

The expansion of the Group Kastamonu Entegre.

Kastamonu Entegre, which was established under Hayat Holding in 1969 to produce in the forestry and wood products sector, is rapidly moving towards its goal of increasing its 25-50 % share in the Turkish market according to the product groups and becoming a regional leader.

Kastamonu Entegre will become a leading producer of the region with the 6 new factories it will be opening in the next five years in Turkey and abroad with 700 million USD in investments. Kastamonu Entegre, which has a particleboard and MDF factory in Kastamonu, an MDF factory in Adana, and an MDF and particle board factory in Gebze and particle board factories in Balıkesir and Samsun for a total of 6 factories in Turkey, also has a particle board factory in Bulgaria, a doorskin factory in Romania and a Kraft paper factory in Bosnia Herzegovina, for a total of 3 facilities abroad.
Kastamonu Entegre, General Manager Haluk Yıldız, pointed out that the company is in 46th place in the ISO 500 ranking among the facilities in Turkey. He said that Kastamonu Entegre exported to 40 countries from Central America to India and has been in first place in the sector in Turkey for the past four years. Yıldız added that the Prolemn facility located in Romania had the distinction of being the second largest producer of doorskins in Europe and fourth largest in the world. After pointing out that Kastamonu Entegre is still the first and only company in the sector to produce in more than one location in Turkey and abroad Yıldız continued with the following: “Within the top 50 rankings of Capital Magazine’s ‘Turkish companies beyond the borders’ survey published in the October 2011 issue, Kastamonu Entegre placed 33rd with its Natron Hayat Facility in Bosnia Herzegovina, 39th with its Prolemn Facility in Romania and 42nd with its Gabrovnitsa in Bulgaria. In the same study Kastamonu Entegre took 15th place among Turkish Companies investing abroad with a 180 million USD turnover.” Yıldız , who pointed out that the many features which make Kastamonu Entegre distinctive start with its fast, reliable, knowledgeable, innovative and high-quality human resources, in addition to its corporate structure, added, “With the MDF Factory which costs 110 million euro and started producing in Adana on January 27 and the start of operations in April at the particleboard facility in Romania " Yıldız continued with the following: “As Kastamonu Entegre we will achieve sustainable growth and focus our investments abroad towards regional leadership. The market in Turkey having reached a certain level of saturation and the limited wood raw material have also been factors in our taking this direction. Our goal now is to increase our market share in markets outside of Turkey and to develop the production and sales geography of our sector in order to grow. Yıldız pointed out that after the MDF factory in Adana and the particle board factory in Romania the company started investing in a facility in Russia’s Tatarstan and added that such investments would continue in Bulgaria, Romania and Russia.According to the information provided by Yıldız, the new investments to be made by Kastamonu Entegre in the country and abroad are as follows:
- MDF, Particle Board and OSB facility investments in Russia,
 - An MDF facility investment in Romania,
- An MDF facility investment in Turkey’s Antalya-Denizli Region,
- An OSB facility investment in Bulgaria.
When all of these investments have been completed Kastamonu Entegre, with a 1,400 billion-dollar turnover and 6 million m3/year capacity, will become one of the top four companies of the sector in Europe and one of the three largest companies within the geography which extends from Romania to India. The goal for Kastamonu is not just a 74-million Turkish market but a market that includes all of the neighboring countries and surrounding geographies for a market with a population on 950 million.
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