China: Imports and exports of forest products soared in 2010
Asia Observatory

09 March 2011

China: Imports and exports of forest products soared in 2010

According to China Customs, the total value of China’s trade in forest products soared to US$96.3 billion in 2010, 37% higher than in 2009.
The value of forest product exports surged 34% from 2009, to US$48.8 billion in 2010, while imports climbed 40% from 2009, to US$47.5 billion in 2010.
In terms of imports, the volume and value of logs, wood chips, furniture and sawnwood have both increased. In contrast, imports of paper pulp and recycled paper decreased in volume. The volume of imports of paper pulp fell 17% from 2009, to 11.37 million tonnes in 2010 but the value of imports rose 29%, to US$8.8 billion.
The imports of wood chips rose sharply both in volume (67%) and in value (90%) compared to 2009, reaching 4.65 million tonnes worth US$680 million in 2010.
Wooden furniture is the biggest forest product exported from China. Exports of wooden furniture in 2010 were 300 million pieces valued at US$16.16 billion, up 21% in volume and 34% in value compared to 2009. Exports of paper, paperboard and paper products, plywood and fibreboard also increased sharply. In contrast, exports of sawnwood eased slightly to 539,000 cu.m in volume and US$340 million in value in 2010, down 4% and 1% from 2009 respectively.