China: Furniture exports
Asia Observatory

19 April 2010

China: Furniture exports

Furniture exports in January and February 2010 totaled US$ 1.4 billion. Exports to the USA, the largest export market for Chinese wooden furniture, were worth US$428 million, up 32 percent over the same period of last year.
This figure was only 12 percent lower than that of 2007, before the global financial crisis.
Exports of furniture to other principal markets also increased. For example imports by Japan rose 5 percent, imports by the UK grew 59 percent and imports by Germany were also higher.
The bulk of the furniture exports were from China’s southeastern coastal areas. Guangdong Province, the largest furniture exporting base in China, exported wooden furniture valued at US$ 572.42 million, up 43 percent over the same period in 2009.