China’s forest products industry generates RMB1.1 trillion in 2007
Asia Observatory

04 June 2008

China’s forest products industry generates RMB1.1 trillion in 2007

The State Forestry Administration’s (SFA) statistics show that the total output value of China’s forest products industry rose nearly 10% to RMB1.170 trillion yuan in 2007. This was due to a number of factors. First, the industry was boosted by China’s stronghold in the markets of resin, wood-based panels, and wooden and bamboo furniture exports. The output of wood-based panels in 2007 alone was 73.65 million m³ by volume. Secondly, other emerging industries such as edible plants, flowers, bamboo and rattan, forest tourism, cultivation and the utilization of wild animals and plants also developed rapidly. The production of forest biological materials and biological medicine was also booming, with tertiary forest products worth approximately RMB101.86 billion yuan in 2007. Third, markets for forest products were developing, as the country has over 15,000 enterprises with an annual turnover of RMB5 million yuan and their value making up 70% of the national total. The outputs of the forestry products industry in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shangdong and Jiangsu accounted for about 50% of the national total. Finally, the trade of wood increased rapidly, with the total value of foreign trade rising 21% to USD57 billion in 2007. In recent years, China has worked to be a more competitive player in the wood trade and has strengthened its place in the international market.

Output of China’s woodworks machinery reaches RMB20 billion
There are more than 1,000 enterprises manufacturing woodworking machinery in China worth approximately RMB20 billion yuan. These enterprises mainly manufacture 69 categories of machinery including 1,100 woodworking machines mainly producing wood-based panels, panel furniture, bamboo and wood products.
China’s woodworking machinery has rapidly developed in recent years, with many types of machinery being produced within the country. China’s machinery has reached a comparative technical capacity on par with some developed countries in terms of both the volume of outputs and technology of woodworking machinery.

Deqing County hosts largest wood-based panel production line in Asia
The largest wood-based panel production line in Asia was built and put into operation at Deqing County in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province. The plant was established by China’s wood-based panel manufacturing giant DareGlobal Inc., which invested RMB400 million yuan for its construction.
The plant also has a production capacity of 210,000 m³ annually and equipment and technology imported from Germany and Finland.
The production line will use branch wood and residues from logging as raw materials. After operations begin, 300,000 m³ of branch wood and wood residues will be needed to produce wood-based panels. RMB100 million yuan of net benefits are expected to be created for forest farmers.