Photo: Kari Kohvakka
Photo: Kari Kohvakka
Wooden Building

23 February 2021


Nordic countries to limit carbon footprint of buildings.
A housing fair in Finland 2020 displayed the total emissions of each building.

European countries have diverse ways and reasons of promoting wood construction.
The European Union has also announced its desire to see more of wood construction, though no joint promotion projects exist so far. However, in some regions, such as the German-speaking and the Nordic countries, forces have been joint with a view to collaborate or harmonizing construction codes.
The Nordic countries are not so much focusing on wood construction as on low-carbon construction. 
The Nordic countries are planning to harmonize their legislation in the near future,’ says Krista Mikkonen, Finnish Minister of the Environment. Rather than dealing with construction materials, the resulting legislation would concern the carbon footprint of buildings across their entire life span. ‘It wouldn’t mention individual heating methods or construction materials such as timber. The purpose is just to curb the carbon footprint,’ says Mikkonen.
Life span would be examined comprehensively, starting from the manufacturing and transport of construction materials. In addition to the actual construction process, the carbon footprint of the use, renovation and demolishing of the building would be included, as well as the recycling and processing of construction waste.

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