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06 April 2018


In panel sizing, the use of circular sawblades on panel sizing machines is considered a conventional processing option. Alternatively, users can also use shank cutters. Depending on the production quantity and the degree of individualization, it must be weighed which one is the most economic processing method for the individual application. With its broad product range, Leitz offers solutions for both production processes that are convincing in terms of quality, performance and productivity. Panel sizing with circular sawblades or shank cutters?

This is the question facing users who want to invest in new technology. In many cases, the two procedures hardly differ in terms of efficiency.
This is the result of an internal study for which Leitz compared the production costs of several customers. With a daily production of 2,500 melamine-coated chipboard parts, the tooling costs were almost identical to those of the previous year. Consequently, the decision as to which tool best supports the respective manufacturing concept, always rests with the user and the individual machining conditions. It’s good to have the technology partner Leitz at your side for such decisions who can offer tooling solutions for all panel sizing processes. Panel sizing with sawblades In the field of panel sizing saws, Leitz has recently fundamentally revised and redesigned its range of tools. Newly defined performance classes describe features that clearly focus on customer benefits in terms of quality, productivity and also sustainability. Leitz Premium circular sawblades, the new quality standard in the panel sizing technology, are characterized by significantly longer tool life and reduced noise emissions. Among other things, this was achieved by further development of the cutting material and the introduction of noise reduction laser ornaments, which will characterize the Premium class in the future. The high performance has already been confirmed in numerous customer tests. Premium circular sawblades achieved up to 30% longer tool life. The circular sawblades of the Leitz Excellent class are equipped with filled laser ornaments. Optimum stability and quiet running as well as finish-cut quality are achieved when cutting single sheets.
This results in the best results for the users in terms of productivity, quality and sustainability. One example of the new Excellent performance class is the RazorCut circular sawblade. With this sawblade a large material mix can be processed and it achieves excellent cutting results. One saw cut is sufficient to directly edge the cutting edge without subsequent jointing operation. Panel sizing with shank cutters For applications in batch size 1 production, the use of shank cutters is re-commended for sizing. The following principle applies here: The larger the number of variants, the more efficient the shank cutters are. Leitz offers the right cutting tool from its full range for almost any material. The Diamaster Pro3 Z3+3 for example, is focused on chip- and fibre materials. It can be re-sharpened twice and achieves 40,000 running meters and more per tool life. Solid wood and multi-layer panels are the profession of spiral roughing- and finishing cutters with Marathon coating. In terms of machining quality, this tool hardly differs from a conventional specialized finishing cutter. However, the special cutting edge geometry allows high feed rates and beyond this, the tool can be re-sharpened up to ten times, which in turn stands for more performance and efficiency. Diamond shank cutters such as the Diamaster Plus are recommended for HPL compact panels, while solid carbide shank cutters or even turn-blade tools are the method of choice for magnetic boards.

The company
Founded in 1876 in Oberkochen, Southern Germany, the Leitz Group is the worldwide leading manufacturer of tools (with a turnover of 247 million/€ in 2017) for industrial processing of wood, wood derived materials, plastic and compound materials. The product spectrum covers the complete range of precision tools for automated machines. In a complete package of advisory services, approximately 3,000 employees pass on their experience of cutting tools to customers so meeting daily the requirements of a complete problem solver and producing service provider. Leitz products regularly are used in more than 150 countries on earth. By six production locations in Europe, Asia and America, sales companies and -offices in 36 countries, a close net of 120 service stations with quick-production facilities as well as sales partners, Leitz is represent on all continents.

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