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Get sharper, last longer with Leitz saw and tool sharpening services.

26 November 2013

Get sharper, last longer with Leitz saw and tool sharpening services.

Leitz Tooling offers professional saw and tool sharpening services to both small workshops and sole-traders, through to large manufacturers across the UK.
The goal is to provide customers with the very best tooling value possible and ensuring the best possible saw and tool performance. We will sharpen any brand of tool to our own exacting standards, but the best edge which lasts longer comes from our own high quality, BS EN 847 standard tested and compliant tooling products.
Sharpening TCT saws 12 – 15 times is relatively easy, but the ability to sharpen the same saws 20+ regrinds can reduce your overall tooling costs by 50% or more. Our high precision grinding service will also yield longer service life between sharpening or repair, resulting in fewer tool changes, less machine down-time and improved productivity.
To ensure your tungsten carbide, high speed steel and polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tooling perform at optimal levels our experienced service technicians use:
• the finest grinding machinery
• precision measuring and inspection equipment
• dynamic balancing equipment
• state-of-the-art grinding technology

For more information contact Mr Milligan:

Flex Meadowo, The Pinnacles
CM19 5TN HARLOW / Essex / United Kingdom
Tel +44 1279 454530
Fax +44 1279 454509