The Ethimo's booth at Supersalone 2021. Photo Datalignum
The Ethimo's booth at Supersalone 2021. Photo Datalignum
Furniture Industry

14 September 2021


Rediscovering a sense of life, seasonal colors, the beauty of familiar yet extraordinary landscapes. Cultivating harmony with the environment and with ourselves that is both new and ancient, embracing the essence of things and life.

Pure and authentic values inspired by Mediterranean culture, by the timeless architecture, the environment, its enchanting fragrances and the everyday customs combined with the savoir faire of artisans with sophisticated tastes. A well-balanced mix of beauty, nature, culture and tradition. 
Values Magnificent innovative materials naturally merge to create unexpected combinations, guided by a constant attention to every detail. New shades of color and previously unknown finishes differentiate every outdoor project. Our materials have specific finishes for different surroundings: seaside, pool, city and mountain. Teak and a selection of fabrics become living materials to furnish and personalize any space in the open air.
Ethimo were the first to bring an entire line dedicated to the mountains to the attention of the market.

Via La Nova 6
I-01030 VITORCHIANO, Viterbo / Italy 
Tel. +39 0761 300400