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12 June 2020


The Fantoni Research Centre keeps on investigating the evolving world of work, including its sociological aspects, and responds to the need for both a social life and privacy in the workplace. With increasing frequency, open-space offices require small meeting areas or closed spaces for those in need of privacy.

Mini is a comfortable and well-lit phone booth (L100 x D100 x H228), with a self-supporting structure that can be moved even after assembly.
Comprising two blank walls, one fixed glass side and one with a door, the interior is lined with a 4akustik sound absorption system, while the exterior can be covered in melamine facing or fabric. Mini is supplied complete with flooring, ventilation system, table and integrated LED ceiling lights, and is prepared ready for the installation of electric sockets. This is a solution that will integrate easily into existing layouts, to create harmonious connection spaces, increasingly at the service of working people. As part of the Acoustic Room range, it contributes to the creation of new architectural landscapes, making for more dynamic work spaces and balancing private areas with collaborative spaces.

About The Fantoni Group
The company founded by Achille Fantoni in 1882,  is a leading manufacturer of office furniture, partition and storage wall systems, MDF (medium density fibreboard) and chipboard panels, melamine flooring and sound-deadening panels. All phases of the production process are performed by the network of companies which make up the Group and work in synergy to develop the product: from the production of materials and semi-finished products to the design of innovative office furnishing systems, inspired by the most up-to-date principles of well-being and design. Made up of seven companies, the Fantoni group produces its own resins, impregnates papers for facing its own panel products and, with its hydro-electric power and cogeneration plants, produces a large part of its own energy needs. Having received the “Compasso d’Oro alla Carriera” award for design primario from the ADI in 1998, the Fantoni Group has become a reference point for ideas in its sector, due to the intense activity of its Research Centre: workshops, conferences and publications are examples of a commitment that makes it a nerve centre of experimentation and research. Since 1882, architecture, research and total design have been the guiding principles for company growth and for the development of products that are ever more innovative and dedicated to the well-being of people.
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