Furniture Industry

20 January 2020


Our factory lies in the heart of Sweden in Tibro, a community with a long and celebrated handicraft tradition. Since 1990, we have worked here to create unique furniture that contributes to better meetings between people.

Better meetings, a better world We are convinced that design can contribute to a peaceful mind and increase our creativity which leads to better meetings between people. That is why we observe how habits change and together with architects and designers from different parts of the world, we exchange ideas and experiences in order to create unique furniture. To achieve a combination of functionality and beauty, we explore new materials and techniques with methods that are environmentally, socially and financially sustainable. We call this way of developing, producing and thinking about design, the Offecct Lifecircle. In collaboration with our clients, we create a sustainable lifecycle for modern interiors. We are convinced that unique design, high quality and individual solutions increases the lifespan of our products. On our planet’s terms The Earth’s resources are not infinite and therefore we should treat what we use with respect and give back where it is possible for the sake of coming generations. We strive to minimize our footprint on the environment through efficient use of material in our production process, and through circular use of our products.
Our philosophy, Lifecircle, is based on the will to give our furniture a sustainable life cycle. That means that we take full responsibility for every part and detail in our work, before, during and after the product leave our hands.

For more information contact Mrs Lotta Bengtsson:

OFFECT AB, Headquarter
Skövdevägen (rv 49)
SE-54333 TIBRO / Sweden
Tel. +46 504 41528