Some international designers for the Forum Witness the Pinnacle.
Some international designers for the Forum Witness the Pinnacle.

01 September 2017

40th CIFF Shanghai Intíl Furniture Fair, 11-14 September 2017. A not-to-be-missed edition!

Marked by the theme "Better Life, Better Work", the 40th edition of the China International Furniture Fair will be surprising, both for the high quality of the products on show and for the excellent events scheduled to celebrate 40 memorable editions.

Center, CIFF will host more than 2,000 exhibitors who will occupy 400,000 square metres of exhibition space, and 100,000 professional visitors expected, already 121.3% more pre-registered than in the same period last year. There will also be a richly packed calendar of events to celebrate the 20 years of CIFF activity, with 40 editions, each one memorable for different reasons. 20 years together “Two Decades of Sharing, Two Cities of Excellence” The 40th anniversary of CIFF celebrates the incredible variety offered, which has allowed the fair to experience 40 editions in an infinite number of different ways.
In addition to being hosted in two strategically located Chinese cities, the incredible quantity of commodity sectors (furniture for modern and classic home, furnishing accessories, furnishing fabric, furniture for outdoors and leisure, office furniture, hotel furniture, metal furniture, furniture for public spaces, materials and machinery for the furniture industry) provides a full view of the furniture sector and of the industry as a whole. -The 40th edition of CIFF will also host the awards ceremony for the winners of the Pinnacle Awards Asia-Pacific 2017, the prestigious design award promoted by CIFF, the American Society of Furniture Designers (ASFD) and the US High Point Market. Winners of 16 categories are selected by 19 renowned judges from the world’s furniture design sector, revealing the fascinating charm of oriental design to the world. The third edition of EAST Design Show will tackle the theme of “tea art” and will display all the appeal and strength of Asian design and artisanship. The renowned designers and curators of the show, Mr. Zhu Xiaojie and Mr. Hou Zhengguang, together with the director and colour director Jianming, will invite visitors to sit down and enjoy a cup of delicious tea. 100 designers from the Wall Art gallery have signed original tea sets. In addition to this, the products of more than 30 Swedish and Chinese designers and students will display the originality and integration of Nordic and eastern design. East Design Show will truly be a wonderful opportunity to see and appreciate the high level of Asian design, and to discover young talent. Witness the Pinnacle-Hongqiao Design Forum The “Witness the Pinnacle” will be held on 12 September, and during this event the world-famous designer Masayuki Kurokawa, the famous American designer Jonathan Adler and Brent D. Smith, Director of Ralph Lauren Asia Pacific will share their knowledge and expertise. Morever, Frederic Spector, Professor of the Rhode Island School of Design, will set up a round table with Chinese designers. -Office Life Theme Pavilion This year the Office Show will tackle the theme of “Joyful Office”. Designed by Mr. Xu Zhaoming, it will showcase an office that is stimulating, that can be welcoming: a space that is very different from a traditional, rigid office.
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