HOMAG GROUP at Ligna, Hall 13 & 14

16 May 2017

HOMAG GROUP at Ligna, Hall 13 & 14

The future of panel dividing begins at the LIGNA trade fair in Hanover from next May 22 to 26 . This is because at LIGNA, the world's leading trade fair for the wood industry, the HOMAG panel dividing experts from Holzbronn are demonstrating numerous innovations that all have one thing in common: they guide the saw operator through the cutting process with a greater degree of safety than ever before, reacting to the operator's actions and thus increasing overall efficiency in the production process.

The innovative solutions are being demonstrated live every day in HOMAG City in Halls 14 and 13. At LIGNA, the HOMAG innovations in cutting represent nothing less than a change in perspective. This is because all the innovations focus more strongly than ever on the machine operator. The aim is to make it easier for the operator to switch back and forth between processing stations during production as well as to allow them to spend less time on the machines. Humans and machines should no longer get in each other's way, therefore errors will be reduced. Human-machine interaction redefined "These objectives require us to change our way of thinking during the development process," says Wolfgang Augsten, head of the Business Unit Panel Dividing. As he explains, "Up until now, the saw determined the production sequence, expecting certain actions from the machine operator. We want to reverse this relationship. We want our cutting solutions to react intelligently to the operator and guide them through processing in an optimal way. Our LIGNA innovations already embody this approach. In my opinion, with these innovations, we are already setting a milestone in the history of panel dividing saws and redefining the human-machine interaction." An example of this is the fundamentally revised CADmatic machine control unit, which is more strongly oriented on the behavior of the user than ever before. CADmatic 5 – the new generation of the machine control unit Easy, efficient, intelligent – this was the brief for the CADmatic 5. The latest version of the control unit software from Holzbronn meets this brief in every respect, beginning with the diversity of its versions. With effect from the start of LIGNA, the software will no longer be available in the BASIC, PRACTIVE, and PROFESSIONAL versions; instead, there will be only one CADmatic 5 for all saws from the 3 series upwards.
In particular, an innovative assistance graphic will guide the machine operator through all input and processing steps. This graphic will not only show the operator what the machine is currently doing; they will also see what work step comes next and exactly what they are required to do. A color-coded guidance system provides orientation. Controlling the machine via the keyboard and the mouse becomes a thing of the past. The user navigates and makes most entries intuitively by touching and swiping the screen. The screen itself provides visual feedback and shows what effect the entries made have. Machine control has never been this easy, self-explanatory, and ergonomic.
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