The Kubic kitchen unit
The Kubic kitchen unit

20 February 2017


Natural, luminous glass for a young, contemporary kitchen that provides great scope for customisation Kubic is a modern, luminous kitchen by Gruppo Euromobil in toughened glass, an excellent material that provides light, young and contemporary lines without foregoing the elegance that distinguishes all Euromobil cucine creations.

By using toughened glass, an extra strong material that provides perfect hygiene, is waterproof and 100% recyclable, Kubic features unique characteristics that distinguish it from classical kitchens. The unit doors, tops and covering side panels are all in glass and are enhanced on the inside by aluminium lacquered to perfectly match the colour of the exterior, as are the grip profiles and plinths, so the entire colour scheme creates a harmonious ambience.
Kubic presents the Filo33 grip profile on fronts inclined 33° on the handle side for absolutely safe grip. It is also an ideal match for the Horizon horizontal rack boiserie system for cabinets and wall units. Go to our website for an upgrade of the latest Euromobil catalogue dedicated to the new generations of exclusive colours and finishes for Living & Cooking, the latest colours to join the already wide range for this brand. There is also a world of opportunities for Kubic, where the range acquires six new shades for the matt finish, and the same number for the glossy version. Cashmere, petrol, pearl, London grey, slate and bromine grey are the variants added to the existing ten, for a total of twenty two possible combinations to create by juggling shapes, materials and colours, maintaining the refined taste, elegance and quality that distinguish all the projects of this Veneto company.
Kubic, like all Euromobil’s kitchen units, can be perfectly integrated with living room systems by Zalf mobili and the décor propositions of Désirée divani.
The strength of the three brands is Total Home Design, which offers the harmony of coordinated compositions throughout the house with elegant, functional
and distinctive solutions. For more information contact Mrs Eleonora Antoniazzi:

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