Andreas Züge, General Manager of Deutsche Messe Italy.
Andreas Züge, General Manager of Deutsche Messe Italy.

24 February 2017


Was held in Milan, last Wednesday, the presse conference for the next edition Ligna which was attended Andreas Züge/General Manager Deutsche Messe in Italy, Bernhard Dirr/Managing Director of the German VDMA and Salvatore Valvola/Sales Manager of Italian Imal.

With 1,500 exhibitors from 90 countries and 93,000 expected visitors the Ligna trade fair is the best and most important in the world of technology for the wood and furniture industry. Full success of the new exhibition layout with which exhibitors are grouped according to a new criterion to the topics treated.
Vertically integrated enterprises, which combine several stages of the value-adding chain under one roof – from timber harvesting to cellulose production, for example – are facing special challenges of their own. The Wood Industry Summit gives exhibitors the opportunity to present technical solutions that meet the challenges faced by customers. Guided delegations, selected focus topics and a forum are all part of the format. Guided Tours perfectly complete that program.
The Wood Industry Summit gives attendees from industry, business, science and politics the possibility of contributing to an international "Forestry and Wood Cluster" showcase – with the added value that it is staged at the heart of related displays by exhibitors.
Integrated Manufacturing towards Industries 4.0
Under the general heading of "Integrated Manufacturing", LIGNA features an array of intelligent and integrated manufacturing systems, accompanied by innovative concepts and strategies for incorporating these into the value-adding networks of the wood - working and timber processing industry. Integrated manufacturing is now used intensively in both series and small-batch production, where extreme customization is increasing. LIGNA is the perfect platform for exploring this highly complex topic area through a combination of accessibly presented infor - mation and examples of practical applications, brought to life for visitors in guided tours and talks by industry experts.
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