11 January 2017


2016 trends that will influence interior design and architecture.
Architectural trends don’t necessarily change every year or are influenced by seasonal trends. However, there are certain changes that influence decorating each year or season. Certain types of interior design trends will be outdated over time and there are also new concepts that will influence and inspire future interior decorators. Draw Link Group identifies ten main interior design & architectural trends that will shape UAE’s hospitality and interior design sector in 2016:

# 1- Popularity of metallic, bronze, rose and gold elements: The trend for metallic will continue in 2016 and will move to the timeless tones of brass, rose and gold elements. A metallic purchase will add a touch of creativity to any location.
# 2- Fabrics and wallpaper: White painted walls are no longer in. Wallpapers allow for more colour and texture, and helps spice up the atmosphere in any location. Velvet, pattern textures and raw looking weaves are popular and the use of fabric for sofas and upholstery is back.
# 3 – Increased use of geometrical shapes: 2016 will redefine luxury with items that tell a story of authenticity and timelessness without being ostentatious. Interior designers will begin using geometric shapes in fabrics, artisan glass and precious metals.
# 4- Increased use of organic/moving shapes: Adding accents of less rigid and more organic inspired shapes will soften the lines of crisper and cleaner looking modern homes.
# 5 – Bring on the vintage and retro furniture: There is no doubt that retro and vintage furniture is now an absolute must have. Many home owners and architects dig into the past eras of the 1970s and 1980s furniture to complement architecture designs.
# 6 Mix of textures in concrete, marble, wood: A strong trend for 2016 is the visibility of materials such as concrete, marble and wood. The multiple use of the marble and wood, and the natural characteristic of both make a rich field for art exploitation. New homes and hotels will be equipped with furniture and accessories with natural wooden accents and metal details.
# 7 Blue is the new beige: We will see a shift towards richer, warmer, darker shades. Feature walls are out, zone painting schemes are in and white is a thing of the past. Inspiration will be taken with the introduction of contemporary paint color palettes based on elegant Georgian blues, indigo blues and deep navy. Blue will be a stable color used from curtains to cushion, to even large furniture.
# 8 New developments in vertical cities: Building vertical cities will be a new concept in architectural designs. Vertical cities can save energy, support the growing population and preserve horizontal spaces for food, production, nature and recreation.
# 9 Sustainable design: The architectural designs are now focused on maintaining an elegant look without compromising on sustainability. With designers embracing an increasingly refined taste for minimalism, the visual future of architecture will continue to be modern in style, but healthy and sustainable for the environment.
# 10 New technologies in construction of 3D printed interiors: The race to build the best 3D-printed interior designs has begun. Adapting 3D printing for décor opens up a new realm of possibilities for decorating and creative innovations.
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