09 May 2017


A “metissage” of thoughts, philosophies, images, colors and styles present Kartell. On the design planet, Kartell is a Nation contaminated by different ideas and styles.

It has no limits or boundaries and no barriers stand in the way of creativity, which roams freely inside the Nation.
Kartell’s population is a mixture of ethnic groups and thoughts. Its territory is crossed by rivers of colours and vast expanses of projects and volcanoes from which new technologies and the energies of continuous innovation erupt. ContamiNation is the theme with which Kartell is presenting itself and its new collection of products forged from collaboration with international designers and closely linked to the concepts of uniqueness and identity - and not only ethnic or cultural - that are synergically pooled together in the Kartell project. “Contamination” or better yet, “metissage”, is the essence of the current project represented in design as in art, literature, fashion. Thanks to the communication media that have altered the speed of perceiving images and information, our daily life is depicted by a set of moods, nature, knowledge, cultures and minds that intertwine, interface, intersect each other, contaminate each other and symbiotically evolve to breathe life into lofty and unique moments of creativity lying outside pre-established lines or trends. In a continuous overlapping of technological research and ideas, the Kartell collection becomes “contaminated” and a part of increasingly different and less standardized universes with projects that reflect the contemporary way of life not only in Italy, but all over the world. It is no longer a State or a precise geographical location, but a truly global nation made up of single contaminations, a ContamiNation. New prototypes and several products that have been finalized and are arriving in their final version, ready for sale, are major attractions at the trade fair exhibition space. They represent Kartell’s essence made precisely of contamination and at the same time capable of contaminating different styles and thoughts.
For more information contact Mrs Raffaella Pollini:
Kartell Spa
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I-20082 Noviglio / Milan / Italy
Ph. + 39 02 900121 
E-mail: press2@kartell.it