AHEC: The new CAMUS COLLECTION uses American Walnut as its distinguishing feature.

25 September 2015

AHEC: The new CAMUS COLLECTION uses American Walnut as its distinguishing feature.

Practical, functional objects, endowed with artistic personality similar to that of sculpture “American walnut seemed to me to be the best hardwood of those to be found on the market and it conveys sobriety, timelessness and elegance”.
Paco Camús, the designer of the Camus Collection, designs furniture that challenges convention and production processes. Which is why this company, formed in Valencia, Spain in 2010, can today be found at the most exclusive sales’ outlets worldwide DDC New York, Nina’s Place in London and Casa Palacio in Mexico.
The Camus Collection designs are made by hand in the company’s joinery workshops in Requena in Valencia. Experience and the love of their profession that some craftsmen boast is a priceless asset and, at the same time, it is the basis for the production of the Camus Collection which also uses high-precision tools for certain parts of the furniture that require millimetric accuracy.
The Camus Collection design process endeavours to find something beyond sheer geometry. It seeks out the origin of certain feelings connected with sensory experiences and resulting in designs which are the product of the heart and are there to be seen, touched and felt. A practical, functional object endowed with great artistic personality akin to sculpture.
These are designs that steer clear of mainstream trends, thus making them timeless as something. In a hundred years they will be just as attractive.
“American walnut hardwood is the distinguishing feature”, says Camús about the material. “This seemed to be the best hardwood for these designs and it conveys all the values that are inherent in our brand: sobriety, timelessness and elegance.”
He went on to say: “It is a strong, sturdy wood which is highly stable and long-lasting. Its appearance is rich in dark wood grained structures with a hint of sapwood which lends it those very attractive contrasts. What’s more, the wood we use derives from sustainably managed forests.”
To finish its furniture Camus Collection uses shellac which is a natural organic substance obtained from the resinous secretion of a small red insect called “kerria lacca”. It penetrates the wood instead of covering it. It is the base for a final finish with beeswax, a natural product that affords protection and a very elegant, silky shine.

CAMUS COLLECTION is a recently formed company which is dynamic and different and its origins go back to Valencia where it was formed by its four founding partners: Ismael Gahmeno, Javier Pastor, Ismael Pastor and Paco Camús. They are all endowed with great experience in different facets of the habitat. The designs can be found in the most interesting magazines and blogs of the international scene, and the furniture can be found at the most exclusive sales’ outlets worldwide, from New York to Shanghai and passing through Mexico City, Paris, Moscow, Dubai, Delhi, Taipei etc. The passion of the company is design and the obsession is quality. In CAMUS COLLECTION the work every day is to bring the dreams to life.

For direct contacts: www.camuscollection.com e-mail: info@camuncollection.com

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