KARIM RASHID’s “Twist” becomes part of the permanent collection of the MSU Museum in Zagreb, Croatia.

12 July 2013

KARIM RASHID’s “Twist” becomes part of the permanent collection of the MSU Museum in Zagreb, Croatia.

An installation born as temporary and turned into permanent: this is the huge success of Twist, the sculpture signed by Karim Rashid and produced by SLIDE that will now become part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art (Muzej Suvremene Umjetnosti, MSU), in Zagreb, Croatia.
Twist is an artwork made of polystyrene and resin with a lacquered finish, created within the frame of the SLIDEart project. It speaks about the connection of continents, cultures, and the links we make with family, humanity and spirituality. Human beings are tied together in an endless mobius-like strip, each one affecting the next. Twist gracefully realises our ever changing lives, loves, and connections in this world.
The exhibition of Twist in the Croatian capital opened in October 2012 with the temporary exhibit Ideology of Beauty – a monographic display of Rashid’s vast artistic production, co-curated by Tihomir Milovac (MSU) and Albert Bangert (Bangert Verlag), in partnership with Neue Sammung (The International Design Museum, Munich).
The exhibition closed on 1 January 2013, with a subsequent unexpected turn – Karim Rashid generously decided to donate Twist to the MSU, so that it can be part of its permanent Collection in Motion. It’s a major success for SLIDEart, the quality of whose work is now being significantly reconfirmed on an international stage.
Twist is the result of a long-lasting partnership between SLIDE and Karim Rashid. Over the years, this cooperation has given life to furnishing items and complements that have become design icons, such as the award-winning Koncord bar stool, the modular DNA lamp (also displayed at the MSU), the Swish reading stand and the Rap, Blos and Blossy seats.
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