27 July 2012


The decor printer and foil manufacturer Chiyoda sees itself as well equipped to meet the demands of a changed market environment. As Alois J. Guschlbauer, General Manager Sales, Marketing & Design at Chiyoda since the beginning of this year, explained to our editorial team during the Milan furniture fair Salon di Mobile, a number of important decisions for the future have been made in the company during the past few months. The acknowledged extraordinary decor competence of the company, he said, has not only been further ensured, but is being systematically increased. As a result, a number of interesting perspectives for cooperation have opened up also for the demanding decor paper processors in the mediterrainian area.
Dirk Slegers, the new Senior Designer in succession to Willy Paulussen, stands for continuity as well as for new objectives. Slegers has been working together with Paulussen for more than 20 years now. The customers can benefit immediately from his creativity, productivity and natural experience. He has already realized exciting new ideas which meet the demands of the different markets.
Nor should the opportunity of direct access to the design competence of Chiyoda Japan (Tokio) and Chiyoda America (Morgentown) be underestimated.
Such design impetus combines with innovative product ideas.
For example, Chiyoda´s new finish foil grade “TOUCH-foil,” which makes harmonious use of optical and haptic effects matched to one another.
But not only in terms of decor development have things are happening at Chiyoda. Some important decisions have been made and realized, which also make it possible for a printing facility the size of Chiyoda (7 printing lines and 240 employees) not only to remain capable of industrial activity but also to set top trends in the market.
“ In the coming months too, we will continue on this successful path. What the customers so appreciated in Chiyoda in the past will remain our brand core in the future also. “ The market speaks CHIYODA” also means trendsetting decor development and an honest customer relationship based upon partnership.”
Important decisions were made in order to optimize service and logistics. Guschlbauer explains: “We have investigated all processes in production as well as in service with regard to efficiency and customer benefits: there was still room for improvement. But it soon became evident that the measures adopted did not involve a change of identity, but rather a return to our former strengths. For me it was wonderful to see how much professionalism and dedication are to be found in our team – all which was needed was to draw it out.”
In future also, Chiyoda´s intention is NOT to break all records in “superlatives”. The company sees itself as a high quality printer that is manageable and – in a positive sense – predictable.
“In the future we shall continue to be a medium-sized design factory under private ownership, engaged in industrial production, for high quality product surfaces in the top-market segment – whether for laminate flooring, kitchens,home furniture or other furnishing elements.”

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