At the Design Faculty of Bolzano, the permanent exhibition was born.

23 December 2011

At the Design Faculty of Bolzano, the permanent exhibition was born.

“Interdisciplinary Design Center”
Researcher dott. arch. Alex Titone. Scient. Director prof. Gerhard Glüeher.
" The world of the objects detain a silent wealth of information, sometimes not easy to read ranging from the history, production technology, materials. The finality of this work is to find this information through the exhibit objects and know the invisible gap that links the original material to finished product, highlighting the interconnected relationships between the various elements involved. " A.T.
The permanent exhibition in free University of Bozen | Design & Art, is a tangible representation of the theme of a research "Interdisciplinary Design Center".
The research focuses and deepens relationships or relationships that exist between: objects |materials, objects | productions, objects | objects. This work would to be only the skeleton of the research, a core upon which to develop over time a larger work.
The information (history, design, films, materials, production ...) are collected in a database, the database is in the computer inside of the room, this manages the connections between the datas and through to a streamlined interface we are able to make available a complex network of information.
In the "IDC" you can study an object and find or climb the relationships with other objects for similarities of material or working or history and other aspects.
The concept for this space : this three-dimensional space, is mean to represent the materialization of the virtual database, ideally within which to go in phisically, and where wires separate by colors become visible connection between the various elements inside the room.
For the opening are been showed 160 objects of Product Design, and a different samples of semi-finished materials or polymers granules.
The exhibition projects and the research is by Alex Titone and it was possible to made using only internal resources to the faculty of Design in Bozen.
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