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Tameko Birch Veneer block.
Tameko Birch Veneer block.

30 June 2020


High-quality furniture design and production have always been an important goal for Tarmeko. Modern and innovative production technology and over 73 years of experience give Tarmeko a competitive advantage. This allows the company to work with complicated and labor-intensive projects. In doing so it is important to manage the client base fast and efficiently. That is why the company's main mission is to create value-added products made out of wood and other high-quality materials.

In 2017 was the celebration of 70 years old. During these 70 years, the company has gathered a lot of experience and has established a considerable presence in the Estonian industry. Tarmeko is continuously introducing all kinds of innovations. This is one of the reasons why Tarmeko chose to do rebrand for the company. The new company image has some familiar but also new aspects, which are recognisable for our long-term customers and catch the eye of our new potential business partners and clients Tarmeko Group is holding the following companies:
• Tarmeko Pehmemööbel OÜ - produces custom-made upholstery furniture. Pehmemööbel has two trademarks: CF Collection (standard products with classical design) and Carl Fredrik (luxury products).
• Tarmeko LPD OÜ - produces mainly bent plywood components and furniture. LPD has two main trademarks: Tarmeko Kids, which includes children furniture and Tarmeko Nordic, which includes premium design products for living rooms and offices.
• Tarmeko Spoon AS - produces and sells rotary cut veneer and plywood. During rebranding, Tarmeko Spoon got the new visual image - Tarmeko Veneer.
• Tarmeko Metall OÜ - designs, installs and launches fully automated colour and shot peening lines. Also, Tarmeko Metall got a new visual image during rebranding - Tarmeko Metal. Tarmeko KV OÜ is engaged in real estate management and is the mother company of all of the Tarmeko Group companies.

For more information contact Mr Jaak or Ago Nigul:

Sõbra 43
EE-50106 Tartu / Estonia
Tel. +372 7337 800