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30 May 2018


The company has started its production with PVAc. Glue was established in 1987 in Istanbul. We are amongst the top 1000 exporting companies of Turkiye according to the data driven by TIM (Turkish Exporters Assambly). Also according to ISO datas' BETA Kimya A.Ş. is amongst the second biggest 500 companies of Turkey. We are one of the 250 companies that spent most on R&D investments.

The product range up to 25 different types of adhesives with tens of variants together with the establishment of our factory in 1996 at the Organized Industrial Area of Aydin in 1996. In 2007, we moved our all production facilities to our new production plant, which has been set up by using advanced technology, located in Istanbul Tuzla. In 2010 another factory has been established in Tuzla with new production facilities. In 2012, we have set in motion our newest and biggest production plant also in Tuzla Organized Industrial Zone. And furthermore in 2016 we have established an another factory for our exporting operations in İstanbul Free Trade Zone. Today In 2018, today we are celebrating 31st year of our foundation. Every passing day our investments are getting bigger and better and our shares in domestic and foreign markets are constantly increasing. Our glues and adhesives which are produced with high-quality raw materials, is in the market in our limited warranties as to the quality test results done in our quality control departments.
This high quality products have been produced under the brands; MITREAPEL and APEL. Together with the increase in our production range, our works towards both to the domestic and foreign markets we as Beta Chemical Inc. , are rising up particularly in Europe, Asia, The Middle East and Asia Pacific Countries. In order to possess a strategic position in the world market, our sectoral investments and R&D investments will constantly continue.
APEL BK 511 Hotmelt
APEL BK511 is an EVA based hotmelt glue that is designed for straight edge-banding machines. The glue gets transparent after it is cured so that the layer between your board and edge-band is seamless. Specially designed for fast and high tech edge banding machines for operators who seek quality.
• White (After curing: Transparent)
• Very thin joint layer.
• High heat-resistance and tolerance.
• Suitable for fast speed automatic edge-banding machines.(>18 m/min)
• Very low consumption. Suitable for roller-press machines.
• High metric performance (7500 - 11000 m/20kgs)
• Suitable for acrylic edge-bands. • 170 0C - 190 0C working temperature.
For more information:

BETA KIMYA A.S. Sales Office
İkitelli Keresteciler Sitesi 14. Blok 32
TR-34306 BASAKSEHIR / İstanbul / Türkiye
Ph. +90 212 6704300