Altuglas: trasparency, light and technology

01 June 2006

Altuglas: trasparency, light and technology

Altuglas International manufactures cast and extruded acrylic sheet (PMMA), With its perfect surface, pleasing touch and transparency, Altuglas sheet can be integrated naturally into the environment. Clear as crystal, it transmits and reflects light better than the finest glass. When body-tinted, it diffuses light and enables tinted lighting systems to be created. It’s a low-density, rigid material that is even suited to complex assemblies; Altuglas sheet are resistant to heat, ultraviolet and many chemical agents. Over the years, they retain their beauty and strength. Despite its natural hardness, Altuglas sheet may become scratched: it can then be made as good as new, simply by polishing. It has many insulating properties: thermal (10 times that of glass), acoustic and electrical.

Altuglas: principal properties
Appearance, ability to transmit and reflect light, transparency, exceptionally long life, coupled with ease of use and processing, good mechanical properties, high acoustic and electrical insulation, resistance to high temperatures, recyclable.
Applications: Shop-fitting, furniture, projection screens, architecture, building, transport, glazing: display stands, testers, notice-boards, etc.

Innovations: Altuglas Essential
The first acrylic sheet that is insensitive to the chemical components found in perfumes. This means that it is ideal for the construction of perfume displays. It does not require any varnishing or additional surface treatments and is 100% recyclable, thus making it a truly “environmentally-friendly” product.
Its special formulation ensures total resistance both to marks and crazing (microscopic cracks caused by the corrosion of several chemical agents). Additional use options include: protection for swimming pools and glass for boats.

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Altuglas: trasparency, light and technology