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ELTEC GERMANY, complete range of products & services

30 November 2017

ELTEC GERMANY, complete range of products & services

Eltec was founded in 1983 and the standard productions are:
• ELTEC manufactures flat, angled or free form elements, with squared or rounded edges
• ELTEC manufactures compact forming elements
• ELTEC works with chipboard, MDF, multiplex, plywood, lightweight building board, fire retardant and non-flammable mineral cores

• ELTEC bonds core boards with HPL, CPL, acrylic foils, metal laminates and foils from all European manufacturers
• ELTEC also machines linoleum, veneer with fleece rear, leather reproductions and other decorative surfaces on request
• ELTEC manufactures window boards in special dimensions according to requirements
• ELTEC uses PUR Hot Melt adhesives for special bonding
• ELTEC bonds edges one after the other with PUR up to a part thickness of 80 mm
• ELTEC offers a CNC facility: boring, milling, edge bonding
• ELTEC works with mineral boards and bowls
• ELTEC implements customers' ideas
• ELTEC develops new element shapes and edge solutions
• ELTEC minimum delivery for elements starts at 1 item Sandwich / light weight elements.
We produce sandwich elements with all kinds of supporting boards on request.
Bonding is done with PUR-hotmelt or other PVAC-glue as occasion or technology demands.

For more information contact Mrs Christiane Mai, secretary:
Niedereimerfeld 29
D-59823 ARNSBERG / Germany
Ph. + 49 (0) 2932 48244