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DESMET BELGIUM, from tree trunk to shaped pleasure.

17 November 2017

DESMET BELGIUM, from tree trunk to shaped pleasure.

Plywood shaping of complex furniture components as well as basic upholstery parts, is at the origin of G.Desmet. The process is initiated by the transformation of a freshly cut tree into rotary cut veneers. Depending on the required part performance, a number of veneer layers is combined and glued. Subsequent to the positioning of the veneers into the mould and the application of combined heat and pressure, the layers are given shape. Thanks to accurate CNC milling, the part geometry is cut out of the rough ply.

In a final stage, functionalities are being added or the part is completed with a wide range of colors and finishes.

For more information contact Mr Lenco Verheuvel:

G.Desmet Belgium
Veldstraat 7
B-8930 Menen / Belgium
Ph. +32 (0)56 521770