Left, Johnny DeLeonardis/ Stefaniís Product Manager and Antonio Daltri, Kleiberitís Technical Manager Italy.
Left, Johnny DeLeonardis/ Stefaniís Product Manager and Antonio Daltri, Kleiberitís Technical Manager Italy.

06 October 2016

KLEBCHEMIE, Bright solution for edge-banding

Back in the early 1970s, when fitted kitchens really started to take off in a big way, the laminate-faced slab door was pretty much all that was available - and atop each chipboard fascia, one of the most common handle designs was a screwed-on metal profile that ran its whole width. What goes around often comes around and today, that same, simple handle style has gone through something of a renaissance. What’s emerged is a trend-setting, sleek and highly desirable handle that’s part of the fascia: the J-Pull. Until very recently, the only way to make a J-Pull handle was to route the top edge of a foil-finished MDF fascia and paint it so it matched the décor the face.

On Xylexpo/Milano 2016 Scm Stefani presented a new soft-forming-system in combination with Kleiberit PUR-Hot-melts. They were developing this innovative project, producing j-shaped edges with edge-banding technology. Scm Stefani was the winner of the Xylexpo Innovation Award 2016 in the category „panel processing“. The problem Kleiberit needed to overcome was how to bond an edging material so it remained secure in the valley of a routed J-Pull. Antonio Daltri, Kleiberit’s Area Manager for Italy, and his team had to develop an adhesive that it has been specifically formulated for this new J-handle technology. The process requires a PUR with an extremely strong green tack that enables the edge-banding material to be bonded securely in the valley of the J-shape during the soft forming process. After many months of development work, the solution was found: a high viscosity PUR hot-melt adhesive that’s now available as Kleiberit 707.9.06 and guarantees users of the new soft-forming technology safe and easy processing, because 707.9.06 is a PUR adhesive, all the advantages of a PUR are present in a JPull.
J-Pull doors finished with this new cross-linkable adhesive technology benefit from being waterproof and heat-resistant, so they are ideal for use in bathrooms, where conditions are warm, damp and humid, and for use in kitchens near hot stoves, tumble driers and washing machines.
Commenting in Milan, the President of Xylexpo, Lorenzo Primultini added his own applause: “It gives an excellent response to market requirements for the edge-banding of ergonomic profiles, using polyurethane glues for applications involving narrow radii and thick edges.”

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