DSM Uralac Ultra; integrated powder coating

21 July 2016

DSM Uralac Ultra; integrated powder coating

Is the solution for heat-sensitive substrates. Uralac Ultra is a breakthrough powder coating technology for the wood industry. Developed by DSM it offers superior quality with one of the lower costs per square meter compared to other coating technologies available in the market today.

Uralac Ultra is the ideal solution for the OEM, the coater and the furniture designer. This innovative product can be applied onto most of the wood substrates, like for instance MDF, HDF and solid wood and is suitable for indoor furniture applications like kitchen cabinets, children's rooms, bathroom furniture, tables and office furniture.

Main technical characteristics:
  • One layer solution - Increased production capacity.
  • Short cure cycle (
  • Textured and semi-smooth finishes.
  • Various gloss levels.
  • Excellent film properties.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Lowest carbon footprint compared to other coating technologies.
Uralac Ultra technology is offered globally by DSM's selected partner network.

DSM offers complete project management support to companies willing to adopt the Uralac Ultra technology, including an advisory role to coaters with respect to the selection of line configuration, line settings, paint selection, oven specifications and choice of MDF type.

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