SERVICANTO SPAIN, materials and components for furniture industry.

22 November 2016

SERVICANTO SPAIN, materials and components for furniture industry.

So that you know where we are in space and time, but so that we do not bore you, here is a brief explanation:

• Since 1986 we have been based in La Garriga, just 35km from the city of Barcelona.
• We share the passion felt by both those cities for art, the world of furniture, creation and design.
• Barcelona, home of Modernism, the Avant-garde capital of design, has been, and still is, a constant source of inspiration.
• We have also incorporated the ancient tradition of woodwork and artisan furniture, which is a characteristic of La Garriga, into our DNA as a guarantee of our knowledge and professionalism.
• Servicanto introduced PVC edges into Spain, and began operating when the first edging machines or edge-banders.
• The immediate delivery of your orders (24-48 hours).
 • EVA hot-melt adhesives for automatic or manual gluing in edgebanders or BAZ type machining centres. We also have glue for pre-gluing edges. Our extensive range starts with a universal glue, but we also offer an environmentally-friendly and transparent glue for the new acrylic edges, which need high quality adhesives. ACRILIM is a liquid cleaning product for cleaning away the remains of glue and dirt on surfaces and edges of all types. It is particularly suitable for extremely delicate or glossy materials such as acrylic edges, gloss surfaces, etc.
For more information contact Mr J.M.Alemany Orò:

C/. Pompeu Fabra 16-18
E-08530 La Garriga / Barcelona / Spain
Tel. +34 93 8715505 Fax +34 93 8717494