Barpimo Spain, is a leading company in the manufacturing varnishes for wood.

17 March 2017

Barpimo Spain, is a leading company in the manufacturing varnishes for wood.

This family company, founded in Najera (La Rioja) 50 years ago, has experienced an ongoing process of internationalization it had begun on 1990s with the creation of its subsidiaries. The result is that Barpimo currently has over 5,000 customers in five continents.

Since its first strategic plan, Barpimo has developed six basic pillars that summarise the philosophy of the company:
• Internationalization.
• Commitment with full quality.
• Respect for the environment.
• Supporting the community.
• Development of new areas of R&D&i.
• Ongoing investment.
The Barpimo Group maintains, since its inception, an ongoing commitment with the investment in R&D&i. Its laboratories, located in a 530 m2 site, are equipped with the latest advances and cutting edge technology. Barpimo has three laboratories: a research and development laboratory; a laboratory for the control and storage of raw materials ; and a 220 m² modern laboratory used for applying UV varnishes and water-based products where a team of professionals reproduces all types of varnishing and paint system conditions, giving a response to the customer's needs.
Barpimo also has an independent plant to conduct research and manufacture its own resins, another plant for wood varnish, a plant for decoration painting and a warehouse for UV and water-based products.

For more information: Barpimo S.A.
C/ San Fernando 116
E-26300 Nájera / La Rioja / Spain
Tel. +34 941 410 000