TAFLO promote its tools with imagination.

06 October 2015

TAFLO promote its tools with imagination.

The industry Taflo presents a Kawasaky motorcycle with the front wheel consists of a disc tool.

This is an intelligent, imaginative and attractive promotional application, from un engineering industry founded in 1991.

The company works the metal and produces in compliance with DIN 18800-7 and DIN EN 1090-2 and 2 EXC.

For more information contact Mr Nils Steinort:

Der Metallbauer Taflo GmbH

Tonnenhofstr. 5

D-23970 Wismar / Germany

Tel. 0049 03841 2698–0  /  Fax 0049 03841 2698–18  /  E-mail: n.steinort@taflo-gruppe.de